BioProfile® CDV

BioProfile® CDV

BioProfile® CDV incorporates advanced, state-of-the-art technology for rapid, accurate high resolution measurement of Cell Density and Cell Viability. Based on the widely recognized trypan blue exclusion method, BioProfile® CDV™ combines advanced technology in robotics, optics and computer algorithms in a highly automated analyzer.

A fully-automated 12-position sample tray allows walk-away sample analyses. Samples can be continuously added to the tray, allowing continuous workflow.

High resolution vision system

A high resolution vision system provides precise auto-focusing and improved image capture. Images from up to 40 optical fields are captured in seconds. High resolution imaging allows all cells in the image field to be more accurately inspected and classified.

Advanced algorithms for fast image processing and classification

Advanced, high-speed computer algorithms rapidly process and classify digital cell images. 40 optical fields within the counting chamber can be processed and counted in as little as 3 minutes. Accuracy, reproducibility and statistical reliability of the cell count are improved through the ability to classify a large number of cells from multiple optical fields.