Bioprocess Optimization with BioProfile® FLEX2.

Automation nowadays is one of the most efficient measures to optimize bioprocess technologiesAutomated cell process monitoring significantly reduces labor hours by eliminating at the same time a considerable number of sources of error like sample handling issues, confusion of samples or the use of expired reagents and consumables. Results of built in pH and metabolites sensors of bioreactor systems are still not of comparable quality to those of dedicated, state of the art cell culture analyzers like FLEX2. The same is true for manual cell counting and cell viability determination, usually performed by random lab staff, since the results will always depend on their individual sense and interpretation. 

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Because of its versatile compatibility options, the scale-independent automation capabilities of FLEX2 last from micro and mini bioreactor systems (like Sartorius ambr 15/250) to large-scale production vessels. 

FLEX2 allows fully automated determination of all key tests including Cell Density, Cell Viability and Osmolality from very low sample volumes, drawn directly from the bioreactors. Analysis time takes only a few minutes and unlike analyzers of other manufacturers, FLEX2 can still be used for offline analyses in both manual and tray mode, even when it is connected to an online sampling system.  

All FLEX2 results, transmitted either through the direct data interface with Sartorius ambr systems or the OPC interface with other systems, can be continuously processed and used for process triggering to enable real-time feedback control. 

Fully automated bioprocess monitoring in fact eliminates all deviations caused by manual work steps. That significantly simplifies process harmonization for facilities with multiple locations. 

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