Stat Sensor® Creatinine / eGFR

Stat Sensor® Creatinine / eGFR

Single-Use Creatinine biosensor test strip

Stat Sensor® Creatinine is a hand held analyzer which uses miniaturized, disposable biosensors for whole blood Creatinine testing. It incorporates new, patented Multi-Well technology adapted from Nova Biomedicals hospital Glucose monitoring system.

Stat Sensor® advanced technology now enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by finger stick 1,2µl capillary blood sampling at Point-of-Care. Results are available within 30 seconds.

Simple Test Procedure
  • Place biosensor in meter
  • Stick finger to create blood drop
  • Apply blood drop to biosensor
  • Read creatinine results
Stat Sensor® measures and eliminates interferences

Measurements made on whole blood samples are subject to interference due to varying Hematocrit levels of the sample. One of the three Stat Sensor® wells measures Hematocrit and corrects the result. Accurate results are obtained throughout a broad range of Hematocrit.

StatSensor® Xpress™-i Meter

an ideal solution for areas, where no connection to a network is needed. StatSensor® Xpress™-i Meter uses the same Multi Well Creatinine test strips providing the same quality as for the Connectivity Meter, it is easy and rapid.