StatStrip® Glucose / Ketone

StatStrip® Glucose / Ketone

More the 95 publications since 2011 prove StatStrip®  improved accuracy, through correction of measuring errors created by interferences

The StatStrip® Glucose/Ketone* monitoring system features a patented Multi-Wellmeasuring technology that meets the escalating demands of today’s hospital Glucose testing. StatStrip® measures and eliminates interferences that can cause erroneous Glucose readings such as Hematocrit interferences; electrochemical interferences due to Acetaminophen, Uric Acid and Ascorbic Acid; interferences from Maltose, Galactose (Immunoglobulin preparations) and Xylose; Iodextrin (dialysis solutions), and Oxygen.

*All StatStrip Connectivity meters are by request also without Ketone measurement available.

StatStrip® Glucose teststrips have the best correlation to lab methods

StatStrip® Multi-Well™ Glucose strips provide exceptional accuracy even at critical levels of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. In one of the largest studies of any Glucose meter (35 participating hospitals, 1703 data points) StatStrip® provided excellent correlation versus plasma hexokinase reference methods throughout a range of 0.5 to 33.3 mmol/L (10 to 600 mg/dL).

StatStrip® measures blood Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Ketone bodies

Blood Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is the preferred Ketone body for diagnosing Ketoacidosis. Blood ketones testing indicates the patient’s status right at the time, whereas the urine may have been in the bladder for several hours. Urine testing can also produce false positive or negative results due to highly colored or acidic urine; exposure of the test strips to air for prolonged periods; drugs such as ACE inhibitor captopril or high doses of vitamin C.

No Calibration Codes

StatStrip® test strips are code-free and consistent from lot to lot. They are extremely stable, with a 2-year sheld life and 6 month open vial stability.

Different manufactoring lots of conventional glucose test strips vary widely in their sensitivity to blood glucose. This results in the need for a different calibration code to be entered in the meter for each lot of strips. An incorrectly entered calibration code can change the reported glucose value by as much as 43%.

Measures ketones with the same meter

No meter preparation or calibration coding steps are required. Insert a ketone strip and StatStrip® Glucose/Ketone automatically recognizes the strip and converts the meter to ketone measuring mode.


Data connection of StatStrip monitoring systems to a LIS/HIS

StatStrip® Connectivity* Meter can be connected to a network via TCP/IP and POCT1-A2. Nova Connects, an easy to use total system for point of care represents the many connectivity options for Nova Biomedical products, like managment of POC operators, data capturing, reporting and StatStrip E-Learning.

StatStrip® Connectivity Meter now  also available with wireless function!
StatStrip Connectivity* meter

An easy to read color touchscreen prompts the user through simple operation steps. User - and patient ID can be scanned in with the integrated 1D/2D scanner or also entered with the on screen alpha numeric touchpad. Abnormal and critical results are prominently flagged with color highlighting and symbols. For save patients identification the display shows multiple identifiers like patient ID, name, date of birth and many more.

*All StatStrip® Connectivity meters are by request also without Ketone measurement available.

StatStrip® Glucose/Ketone Xpress™ Meter:

an ideal solution for areas, where no connection to a network is needed.

StatStrip® Xpress™  uses the same test strips as the Connectivity Meter for both Glucose and Ketones, so all advantages of the StatStrip® technology can be found on both systems.