Samsung POCT

Samsung LABGEOIB10

Take your Laboratory wherever you want

Save lives and time with the portable Samsung LABGEOIB10, an easy to-use, high performance immunoassay analyzer. Quickly perform various tests with simple, easy processes, full automation and precise results to improve patient care.

 Troponin I · NT-proBNP · D-dimer · CK-MB · Myoglobin
B·R·A·H·M·S Procalcitonin · TSH · beta-hCG

Samsung LABGEOPT10

7 minutes is all it takes

Introducing Samsung's latest medical innovation, Samsung LABGEOPT10, a portable clinical chemistry analyzer that improves efficiency by saving time for clinicians and patients through fast, easy and accurate blood analysis.

 TRIG · HDL (LDL) · GLU · BUN · CREA · Na · K · Cl · HbA1c

Samsung LABGEOHC10

Inspiring Confidence with fast and accurate Diagnosis

Samsung LABGEOHC10 hematology analyzer provides results in 45 seconds. The unit’s simple three-step testing process and automated sample rotor provide ease-of-use and help prevent contamination.

WBC · LYM · MON · GRA · LYM% · MON% · GRA% · Hb · HCT

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the global collaboration partner of Samsung for commercialization and co-development of innovative solutions in the POC testing market. Together those companys provide excellent expertise in clinical diagnostics to fulfill customer needs and improve patient management.