Samsung PT10

Samsung LABGEO PT10

Samsung LABGEOPT10

Save time, Fast Diagnosis

The Samsung LABGEOPT10 is a portable clinical chemistry analyzer that meets the needs of clinics while providing a smart solution to improve efficiency.

ALT (GPT) · AST (GOT)  · ALP · GGT · TBIL · DBIL · ALP · TP · CHOL · AMY · TRIG · HDL (LDL) · GLU · BUN · CREA · Na · K · Cl · HbA1c



Test results are available in only 7 minutes.  Automated plasma separation eliminates the need for centrifugation. An optimized combination of multiple parameters for liver function, renal function, lipide and an overall biochemical profile allows multiple disease screening for a fast and accurate diagnosis.


Accurate test results bring certainty to a diagnosis and greater patient trust. The Samsung LABGEOPT10 shows 95% correlation with central laboratory analyzer. The build in EQC Chip monitors and regulates the optic module. The self calibration capability through QR code recognition makes no further calibration necessary.


The small 70µl sample volume makes testing more convenient for pediatric and elderly patients. The whole operation is simply and fully automated. The blood sample is easy applied and as well is loading of the test cartridge. An intuitive, user friendly Interface facilitates convenience and enhances user experience. 

AST ALT ALP GGT DBIL TBIL ALB TP CB CHOL AMY TRIG TG HDL LDL GLU BUN urea glukóza crea kreatinin creatinine HbA1c Na+ K+ Cl-

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Samsung LABGEO Data manager stores, shows, prints and backs up the results and automatically updates the software. The mobile application notifies when an analysis is complete, if an error has occurred or test results exceed the critical ranges. Samsung LABGEOPT10 supports standard protocols (HL7, POCT1-A, ASTM) to connect easy to an HIS for data transmission.

Connect to HIS (Hospital Information System), PC and Mobile Phone / device for efficient database management