Nova Electrolytes and Chemistry Analyzer HU

Nova Electrolyte/Chemistry Analyzers

Nova Electrolyte/Chemistry Analyzers provide a whole blood stat analysis in as few as 36 seconds, 24 hours/day. For higher volume routine testing, Nova analyzers provide batch analysis, walkaway automation, and rapid throughput of up to 475 tests per hour. A single analyzer can analyze whole blood samples for stat testing, serum and plasma samples for routine testing, CSF and dialysate samples for specialty testing, and urine samples without pre-dilution, recalibration, or reprogramming.

Most Economical Operation

When the total costs of equipment, labor, reagents, biosensors, and supplies are considered, Nova electrolyte/chemistry analyzers are the most economical to operate in the industry. Nova’s long-life biosensors are more economical than single-use, disposable types. Moreover, Nova’s exclusive Reagent Management System (RMS) and single reagent pack design are less expensive than the multiple, individual bottles on competitive systems.