StatStrip® Products Nova HU

StatStrip® Glucose/Ketone

ONLY glucose meters cleared by the FDA for use with all patients, in all professional healthcare settings, including critical care

StatStrip®Glucose/Ketone measures and eliminates interferences that can cause erroneous Glucose readings such as Hematocrit interferences; electrochemical interferences, Ascorbic Acid, and many more proven in over 95 publications since 2011. Futher measures StatStrip®Glucose/Ketone Beta-Hydroxybutyrat, recommended from the Joint British Diabetes Society Inpatient Care Group as the preferred Ketone.

StatSensor® Creatinine/eGFR

Rapid Creatinine measurment for assessment of renal function

StatSensor®Creatinine,  a Point-of-Care Analyzer from Nova Biomedical for Creatinine measurement out of whole blood. The result is available within only 30 seconds. StatSensor´s advanced technology allows a easy and quickly assessment of the renal function right at the patient out of finger tip taken capillary blood.

StatStrip® Lactate

StatStrip® Multi-Well technology

StatStrip® Lactate is a hand held, that brings Lactate testing directly to the patient’s bedside. Nova Biomedical has incorporated its biosensor technology into a miniaturized, precalibrated, disposable biosensor for whole blood measurement at Point-of-Care.

Lactate Sports Meter

For sports medicine professionals

Lactate Plus is a compact, hand-held testing device intended for quantitative measurements of lactate in whole blood. Utilizing Nova lactate test strips, Lactate Plus can be used by sports medicine professionals to evaluate physical performance and to establish optimum training regimens for athletes.