Electrolytes and Chemistry Analyzer by Nova Biomedical

Nova Electrolytes/Chemistry Analyzer 

Fast, Easy Whole Blood Stat and Routine Testing

Nova Biomedical Electrolyte/Chemistry Analyzer provide a whole blood stat analysis in as few as 36 seconds, 24 hours/day.  A single analyzer can analyze whole blood samples for stat testing, serum and plasma samples for routine testing, CSF and dialysate samples for specialty testing, and urine samples without pre-dilution, recalibration, or reprogramming.

Nova 5: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Hematocrit
Nova 8: Sodium, Potassium, ionized Calcium, ionized Magnesium, Hematocrit, pH
Nova 10: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Total Calcium, Lithium

Most Economical Operation

Nova Biomedical’s long-life biosensors are more economical than single-use, disposable types. Moreover the exclusive Reagent Management System (RMS) and single reagent pack design are cheaper than the multiple, individual bottles on competitive systems.


Walkaway Automation and Batch Analysis

Nova Biomedical Electrolyte/Chemistry Analyzer are fully automated with sample analysis completed at the touch of a button. A fully-automated, 40-position sample tray is available for batch analysis up to 475 tests per hours.