Stat Profile® Prime Electrolyte

Stat Profile® Prime® Electrolyte Analyzer

Exceptional Simplicity In a New Generation Electrolyte Analyzer

Introducing a new generation electrolyte analyzer that combines the revolutionary micro-electronics of the consumer world with new micro-sensor technology for a simpler, smaller and faster analyzer.

Parameter: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, ionized Calcium, ionized Magnesium

Always calibrated and ready

The MicroSensor Card is automatically calibrated throughout its 32-day use life and is always ready to deliver an electrolyte profile in just 60 seconds. Biohazardous waste is self-contained within the Calibrator Cartridge, eliminating waste disposal maintenance and potential exposure to biohazardous waste.

Stat electrolyte results in 60 seconds

Whole blood, serum, or plasma stats are available in just 60 seconds. Whole blood stats can be aspirated directly from syringes, capillaries, or tubes, saving time and sample transfer steps.

Clot Block protection

A unique Clot Block sample flow path is designed to protect sensor cartridges from downtime and maintenance that can result from the introduction of a clotted sample.

Optional 10-position autosampler

Accepts whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, CSF, and dialysate. "Dialysate not for in-vitro diagnostic use"