Stat Profile® Prime

Microsensor Card Technology

MicroSensor cards can be replaced, warmed, and calibrated in less than half the time of other cartridge systems, which take more than an hour to calibrate and can remain unstable with drift, frequent re-calibrations, and reduced throughput for even longer periods of time.

MicroSensor cards have flexible configurations:

• 200 Samples
• 400 Samples

Maintenance free

Each cartridge is ready to use and easily replaced in seconds. Cartridge RFID technology automatically captures cartridge installation time, date, lot number, test parameters, and usage. There is significant savings in analyzer uptime when replacing only a calibrator cartridge, which has no warm-up time, compared to a two- to-four-hour wait for a combined cartridge systems.

A unique safety sample port protects the user from accidental contact with the sample probe and is easily accessed for all sample containers. The touchscreen is easily operated through the use of simple and intuitive prompts and requires minimal training.

Three simple steps to initiate a full 10-test profile

1. Press “Start”
2. Scan or enter patient ID
3. Press “Aspirate”

An optional integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner, conveniently located within the sample port, eliminates external handheld scanners and allows fast, error-free entry of operator and patient IDs.