Stat Profile® Prime® Plus SK

Microsensor Card Technology

All Prime® Plus biosensors use proven Nova technology in a miniaturized, maintenance free sensor card format, which combines all 22 whole blood assays including CO-Oximetry.

Ionised Magnesium (iMg)

Disruptions in the balance of ionized Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and ionized Calcium can cause cardiac arrhythmias, reduced cardiac concentration, and cardiac arrest. Prime® Plus is the only blood gas analyzer to provide a comprehensive profile of electrolytes including ionized Magnesium.

Important new assays

Over 50% of patients admitted to the ICU will develop some stage of acute kidney injury. Prime® Plus is the only blood gas analyzer to provide optional whole blood urea (BUN) and Creatinine/eGFR tests for rapid assessment of kidney function.


Individual sensors and calibrators maximise uptime 

Individual sensor cards and calibrator cartridges offer a significant benefit in analyzer uptime compared to combined sensor/calibrator systems.

MicroSensor cards have the fastest replacement time

MicroSensor cards can be replaced and calibrated in under one hour.

Calibrator cartridges replaced in seconds

Calibrator and Quality Control cartridges are immediately ready to use and easily replaced in seconds.


A unique safety sample port protects the user from accidental contact with the sample probe and is easily accessed for all sample containers. The large touchscreen is easily operated through the use of simple and intuitive prompts and requires minimal training.

Three simple steps to initiate a full 22-test profile

1. Press “Start”
2. Scan or enter patient ID
3. Press “Aspirate”

An optional integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner, conveniently located within the sample port, eliminates external handheld scanners and allows fast, error-free entry of operator and patient IDs.

Remote Review and Remote Control

NovaNet provides information on analyzer connectivity, calibration, QC, reagent, and sensor status. The dashboard allows POC coordinators to review the status of remote analyzers and correct for calibration or QC needs

Dashboard review 

Individuals with password privileges can view a dashboard of all connected devices from anywhere on the network.

Remote Control

Key operators can remotely perform essential analyzer functions as initiating a calibration or QC cycle, uploading or editing set-up parameters, assigning, certifying or removing operator and privilege levels.