StatStrip® Hb / Hct

StatStrip® Hämoglobin / Hämatokrit

Only Point-of-Care Meter to
Measure Not Calculate Both Hb and Hct.

The StatStrip haemoglobin and haematocrit meter system (StatStrip Hb/Hct) is the only POC system to provide anaemia screening and monitoring with measured, not calculated, Hb and Hct tests. This important breakthrough is possible because of new, patented electrochemical technologies developed by Nova Biomedical. Along with tiny fingerstick capillary samples (1.6 μL) and results in 40 seconds, StatStrip Hb/Hct improves clinical decision making at the point of care.

Economical Hb and Hct testing

Fingerstick capillary sampling eliminates costly blood drawing supplies, venous phlebotomy, and lab testing. Combined with a single-use, low cost biosensor, StatStrip Hb/Hct offers economical, POC Hb and Hct testing in many healthcare settings, including:
• Blood banks
• Dialysis centers
• Primary care clinics
• Hospital departments
• Oncology clinics

Accurate assessment of anaemia

Accurate anaemia evaluation requires both measured Hct (red cell volume) and measured Hb. However, current POC meters only provide a calculated estimate of Hct. Calculated Hct assumes a normal Hct-to-Hb relationship [Hct % = 3 x Hb (g/dL)], and is therefore inaccurate whenever Hct is abnormal. This is particularly evident in red cell structural abnormalities, haemoglobinopathies, and haemolytic conditions caused by infection, autoimmune disease, toxins, drugs, and chemicals. These conditions necessitate measured Hct because calculated results can negatively impact treatment. StatStrip Hb/Hct’s results correlate closely with laboratory reference methods.

Complete data connectivity

StatStrip Hb/Hct offers both hard wired and wireless bidirectional connectivity for data integration with patient records. Features include:
• Connection via POCT1-A2, ASTM, or HL7
• Rapid identification of data exceptions with dashboard indicators
• Data consolidation and transfer from meter to other data sites
• Complete data security and encryption

Simple and safe testing

Similar to glucose self-testing, StatStrip Hb/Hct’s single-use biosensors do not require calibration or coding. A biosensor ejector allows for touch-free disposal and elimates a potential biohazard. StatStrip Hb/Hct’s compact and lightweight design is less than half the size and weight of other POC systems that measure only Hb. Its bright colour screen is larger and easier to read than the monochrome displays of other systems.