Kidney monitoring at the point-of-care

Point-of-Care Capillary Blood Creatinine: A Prospective study in Cardiology and Nephrology Outpatients.

This new study shows the ability of the point-of-care Nova StatSensor Creatinine analyzer to diagnose kidney failure in cardionephrology outpatients undergoing radiologic procedures using iodinated contrast agents. They concluded that the “Rapid Point-of Care Capillary creatinine test is an easy-to-use, accurate tool for detecting kidney failure prior to Radiology procedures involving contrast medium.”

Iodine-based contrast agents are used (injected) to provide better definition and clarity in radiological scans. These contrast agents can be harmful to the kidneys and expose the patient to a risk of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy (CIN), which is one of the most frequent types of in-hospital acute kidney injury.

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Point-of-Care measuring creatinine:

StatSensor® Kreatinin Connectivity & Xpress2 Teststreifen-System für den Point-of-Care.

POCT meter for measuring creatinine and eGFR.

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