BioProfile® FLEX2 multitest cell-culture analyzer

Automated analyzer with maintenance-free chemical sensors optimized for quick and reliable cell culture monitoring.

The combination of the smallest possible sample volume, fast analysis time and freedom from maintenance makes BioProfile® FLEX2 the first choice for analyzes in mini / microreactor systems. In addition, it has a modular structure and can therefore be easily adapted to your needs. In addition, this cell culture analyzer has a modular structure so that you can always adapt BioProfile® FLEX2 to your needs.

A complete multi test menu includes:

Glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, pH, pCO2, pO2, osmolality, total cell count, live cell count, cell viability and cell diameter.

Bioprofile® FLEX 2 Cell Culture Analyzer

Available modules and extensions.

pH / gas module


pH, PCO2 , PO2

(Microsensor card)

Base: chemistry module


Glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca++




(48 positions)

Optional: Cell count and viability module


Total cell number, live cell number, cell diameter

(Digital imaging)

Optional: Online sampling

Numerous scale-independent online sampling connections available


Small sample volume with fast analysis time.

The complete test profile with all 16 parameters is processed in 4 minutes and only requires 265 µL sample. Individual test profiles (e.g. pH, gases / chemistry) only require 120 µL sample with less than 2 minutes of analysis time. Compared to the previous model, the FLEX2 has a max. required sample volume reduced by 75% and at the same time the analysis time shortened by more than 2 minutes.

MicroSensor Card™ of Nova Biomedical®

Maintenance-free sensor card technology.

By using Nova Biomedicals® maintenance-free sensor card technology, there is no need for any electrode maintenance. All biosensors are located on sensor cards in credit card format, which can be replaced in a few seconds.

Ideal for GMP areas.

The user-friendly software is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. The maintenance of conformity is permanently guaranteed by the manufacturer through the use of the latest technology and ongoing updates. This cell culture analyzer is the ideal solution for use in the GMP area.

Automated onboard quality controls.

The FLEX2’s automated onboard quality control system saves hours of valuable labor compared to manual analysis of multiple levels of control ampoules. The liquid quality controls in the FLEX2 are in closed, chip-coded cassettes that can be used for up to 30 days and automatically analyzed in a time-controlled manner.

Analyzes from 96-well plates.

In addition to manual feeding from syringes and the integrated load-and-go sample carousel with 24 positions, BioProfile® FLEX2 can also process samples from 96-well plates. Test profile configurations for 96-well plates that are required more than once can easily be saved and used as often as required.

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System integration with BioProfile® FLEX2.

Automation is one of the most effective measures to optimize bioprocess technologies today. Automated process monitoring saves a considerable number of working hours, while at the same time many sources of error are eliminated, such as Inadequate sample preparation, mix-up of samples or the use of expired reagents and consumables. The measurement results from sensors for pH and metabolites integrated in bioreactors are still not qualitatively comparable with those of the most modern analysis devices such as the FLEX2, which were specially developed for cell culture analyzes. The same applies to the manual determination of cell count and cell viability, which is usually carried out by different laboratory employees and is therefore always influenced by their individual perception and interpretation.

Thanks to its versatile compatibility options, the scalable automation options of the FLEX2 range from mini and microreactor systems (such as Sartorius ambr 15/250) to production fermenters.

The FLEX2 enables the automated determination of all key parameters including cell count, cell viability and osmolality from the smallest amount of samples drawn directly from the reactors. The analysis only takes a few minutes and, in contrast to analysis devices from other manufacturers, the FLEX2 can still be used for manual individual analyzes as well as for batch analyzes from the sample plate, even with online integration.

All measurement results of the FLEX2 can be continuously processed in real time via the direct data interface to the Sartorius ambr systems and via the OPC interface in other systems and used as a process trigger for the control loop.

Fully automated bioprocess monitoring eliminates practically all deviations that can result from manual work steps. This makes process harmonization much easier for companies with multiple locations.

We would be happy to advise you on individual automation solutions that exactly meet your requirements!

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BioProfile® FLEX 2 Zellkulturanalysegerät für die Biotechnologie und Pharmazie


The most important specifications of the BioProfile® FLEX2 cell culture analyzer.

Sample volume

135 µl – 265 µl

Analysis time

120 to 270 seconds


W 43 cm x D 64 cm x H 61 cm

Quality control

fully automatic (selectable internal / external)


Fully automatic calibration


OPC Compliant, PAT Compatible, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant


Nova Biomedical®

Country of production


Measuring ranges

Assay                    Measurement Range     Resolution         Method

Glucose               0.10 – 60.0 g/L*                 0.05 g/L               Biosensor

Lactate                 0.10 – 24.0 g/L*                 0.05 g/L               Biosensor

Glutamine         0.10 – 24.0 mmol/L*        0.05 mmol/L      Biosensor

Glutamate         0.10 – 24.0 mmol/L*        0.05 mmol/L      Biosensor

Ammonium       0.2 – 100.0 mmol/L             0.01 mmol/L      Direct ISE

pH                         5.000 – 8.000                       0.001                     Direct ISE

PCO2                    3.0 – 300.0 mmHg             0.1 mmHg           Direct ISE

PO2                       3.0 – 500.0 mmHg             0.1 mmHg           Clarke Electrode

Sodium                 40 – 1200 mmol/L              0.1 mmol/L         Direct ISE

Potassium          1.0 – 400.0 mmol/L           0.01 mmol/L      Direct ISE

Calcium               0.10 – 40.0 mmol/L           0.01 mmol/L      Direct ISE

Osmolality         0 – 2000 mOsm/kg           1 mOsm/kg        Freezing Point

Cell Diameter   4 – 70 μm                              N/A                       Digital Imaging

Cell Density     100,000 – 160,000,000 cells/mL N/A           Digital Imaging

%Viability          0 – 100%                                N/A                       Digital Imaging

More biotech analyzer.

Compact cell culture analyzer for biotechnology and pharmacy with maintenance-free sensor card technology.

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