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Our company

Tecom Analytical Systems was founded 1990 in Vienna, since then we have grown into a multinational company for medical engineering. Today is operating and serving customers in Austria, Czech republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Because "small things matter" we take care of our customers and service. We are convinced that the small things make a huge difference. Our products are one of the most advanced and innovative on the market.

Our products

We are specialized in blood gas analyzers, teststrip products for the Point-Of-Care as well as analyzers for biotechnology and pharmacy. Our instruments offer accuarte measurement, innovative technology and are easy to operate. Our customers are hospitals, biotechnology companies and industry

Our suppliers

Since many years Nova Biomedical is a trusted Partner of Tecom Analytical Systems. With a long history in developing and producing the world most advanced and innovative analyzers, Nova Biomedical is one of our suppliers for many years.

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As we are a modern and innovative company we use social media to keep contact with our customers and to provide news and latest informations about our products and services.