TECOM ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS is partner of NOVA BIOMEDICAL and THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC. You can find our sites in Austria, in Hungary, in Czech Republic and in Slovak Republic.

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was founded 1989 in Vienna. Since then we have grown into a multinational company. TECOM ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS provides and maintains Critical Care and POCT analyzer. Multi-Test systems for Biotechnology and for Pharmacy are part of our product range as well. Moreover we supply Meter for Sport Lactate Testing.
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TECOM ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS is partner of NOVA BIOMEDICAL and THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC. We provide analyzer and consumables. In addition we offer support for Hospitals, Clinics and for Resident Doctors, for Veterinarians, for Research and for Pharmacy. We further supply Lactate Meter for Sports Physicians and for Athletes.
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is the biggest In Vitro Diagnostic company in private hands in the USA. They are also one of the 25 largest IVD firms worldwide.
NOVA BIOMEDICAL analyzer offer the widest stat ready test menus. Moreover they deliver results in the shortest time and at the lowest costs.
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is the world leader in serving science. Moreover they are the global collaboration partner of SAMSUNG for commercialization and for co-development of innovative solutions in the POCT market. Together they provide excellent expertise in Clinical Diagnostics. Their goal is to fulfill customer needs and to improve patient management.
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