Capillary blood analyzer

Specially adapted to the needs of primary care centers as well as general practices.

Allegro® is a compact point-of-care capillary blood analyzer with a clinically important menu that includes ten measured and individually selectable tests and seven calculated tests. All tests are measured with ready-to-use unit-use cassettes or test strips and can be performed quickly and easily by nurses.

Recommended for:

  • Primary Care Units
  • Medical practices
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitas
Allegro® Kapillarblutanalysator

Available tests.

Blood glucose control
Allegro® HbA1C Test Cartridge

HbA1C, estimated average glucose value

1.5 µL capillary blood
7 min. analysis time

Lipids / heart risk
Allegro® Lipide Test Cartridge

Total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, cholesterol/HDL ratio, non-HDL cholesterol, triglycerides

5.0 µL capillary blood
10.4 min. analysis time

Kidney function
Allegro® UACR Test Cartridge

Urine creatinine, urine albumin, albumin/creatinine quotient

25 µL urine
7.5 min. analysis time

Inflammation parameters
Allegro® CRP Test Cartridge


5 µL capillary blood
7 min. analysis time

Allegro® PT-INR Test Cartridge


5.0 µL capillary blood
< 8 min. analysis time

More tests will be available soon!


Simplest handling

All tests are simple and can be performed in just a few minutes. The integrated barcode scanner eliminates the need for manual entry of patient ID and test cassette information. Once the analysis is complete, the results are automatically printed, stored in the database and transmitted to the electronic medical record for review by the physician.

Allegro® How-To

Cartridge Testing

  1. Scan cassette
  2. Make a puncture in the fingertip
  3. Remove capillary
  4. Remove blood drop with the
  5. Remove capillary
  6. Replace capillary
  7. Insert cassette and
  8. Press “Enter”, the analysis
  9. analysis starts automatically

Fast & reliable results

Due to the device concept, Allegro® offers laboratory-like measurement results in the shortest possible time and is absolutely gentle on the patient due to the capillary blood collection.

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The most important specifications of the Allegro® capillary blood analyzer at a glance:


W 20 cm x D 38 cm x H 36 cm




Nova Biomedical®

Country of production


Power supply

Mains operation


Touchscreen, Barcodescanner,  Printer, USB / Ethernet

Allegro® Kapillarblutanalysator


The cassettes must be stored refrigerated.

Yes, patient results can be displayed as a trend history.

No, the device is maintenance-free.

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