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Our products include state-of-the-art analysis systems for point-of-care as well as analyzers for cell culture analysis in biotechnology and pharmacy.

Zu unseren langjährigen Partnern zählen unter anderem auch Nova Biomedical® und Nano-Ditech Corp., aus den USA.

Stat Profile® Prime Plus BGA-Gerät für den Point-of-Care.

Our portfolio of blood gas analyzers offers you the right analyzer for every situation, whether for point-of-care or established physicians.

Designed for point-of-care, our test strip systems deliver reliable and fast results of the most important parameters, and extensive connectivity options.

Our solutions for comprehensive analysis of cell culture samples, easy to use, with maintenance-free technology and numerous automation options.

Our immunoassay analyzers enable you to quickly and reliably identify the most important biomarkers. Quick diagnostics at the point-of-care!

Modern and user-friendly electrolyte analysis with extensive connection options. Optimized for better patient flow!

Get highly sensitive and reliable results in a matter of minutes in lab quality. Everything for an optimal patient flow of your practice!

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