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Clinical Analyzers

Above all, our blood gas analysis systems are characterized by their accuracy and ease of use, and our systems are low-maintenance. With our latest blood gas analyzer Stat Profile® Prime® Plus you can measure 22 parameters in just 60 seconds.

Strip Technologies

Test strip systems are for the point-of-care unavoidable. With our systems you reliably measure the following parameters: glucose, ketones, creatinine and lactate. In addition, our devices offer the possibility of connectivity and do have a barcodescanner for easier handling.


Our biotechnology and pharmaceutical products specifically include cell culture analysis equipment. Our solution for comprehensive analysis of cell culture samples, easy to use and with maintenance-free sensor card technology for maximum efficiency.

Our devices are among the most innovative and technically advanced on the market. Our product portfolio includes state-of-the-art blood gas analyzers, test-strip systems for point-of-care as well as various devices for biotechnology and pharmacy. Feel free to inform yourself about our product groups as well as individual devices, if you still have any questions you are welcome to contact one of our product managers under the menu item Service.

Measure the following parameters with our devices.

Ammonium · Albumin · Alkaline phosphatase · ALT (GPT) · Amylase · AST (GOT) · beta-hCG · Cell Viability · Cell Diameter · CK-MB · Chloride · Cholesterol · COHb · Creatinine ·
D-Dimer · Direct Bilirubin (DBIL) · Erythrocytes (RBC) · Gamma-GT · Glucose · Glutamate · Glutamine · Granulocytes · HbA1c · HDL-Cholesterol · Hematocrit · Hemoglobin · HHb · IgG · ionized Calcium · ionized Magnesium · Ketones · Lactate · Leucozytes (WBC) · Lymphocytes · MCH · MCHC · MCV · MetHb · Monocytes · MPV · Myoglobin · NT-proBNP · O2Hb · Osmolality · pCO2 · B·R·A·H·M·S Procalcitonin (PCT) · PDW · PLT · Platelet Hematocrit · pH · Phosphate · pO2 · Potassium · RDW · SO2% · Sodium · Total Bilirubin (tBIL) · Triglycerides · Total & Viable Cell Density · Total Protein · Troponin I · TSH · Urea/BUN

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Nova Biomedical has been a reliable partner of Tecom Analytical Systems for many years. As a developer and producer of state-of-the-art analyzers with decades of experience, Nova Biomedical offers innovative and accurate measuring devices in the field of medical technology.