Stat Profile Prime®
blood gas analyzer

An analyzer designed for your needs.

Stat Profile Prime® is a maintenance-free blood gas analyzer with which you can measure up to 10 acute parameters in the shortest possible time. This BGA device offers you the most extensive connectivity options and was specially developed for the point-of-care. Thanks to its various configurations, Stat Profile Prime® can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

Available configurations.

Prime® ABG


pH, pCO2, pO2

Sample volume

50 µl

Analysis time

approx. 60 seconds

Prime® CCS Comp


pH, pCO2, pO2, Hkt, Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, Glu, Lak

Sample volume

100 µl

Analysis time

approx. 60 seconds


MicroSensor Card™ of Nova Biomedical®

Latest microsensor technology.

The sensor cards can be quickly exchanged, warmed up and calibrated. Other cassette systems take more than an hour to calibrate and may also be unavailable due to drift, frequent recalibration, and reduced throughput.

Maintenance-free device concept.

All cassettes are delivered ready for use and can be easily replaced in seconds. The cassette’s RFID technology automatically records the installation time, date, batch number, test parameters and service life. This significantly extends the operational readiness of the analyzers if only one calibrator pack has to be replaced: In this case, no warm-up time is required – in contrast to the 2-4 hour waiting time for combined cassette systems.

Intuitive and safe handling.

The safety sample supply system prevents any direct contact with the sample material and is compatible with all commercially available collection systems. The clear menu navigation can be operated easily and intuitively via the touchscreen.

Three simple steps start a full profile

  1. Press “Start”
  2. Enter or scan in the patient ID
  3. Press “Priming”

The optionally integrated barcode scanner of the Prime allows the patient ID to be entered quickly and without errors.

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Depending on your application scenario, the blood gas devices of the Stat Profile Prime® series offer the right parameter panel. Whether pulmonology or intensive care medicine, this blood gas analyzer was tailored to your needs.

Stat Profile Prime® ABG

pH, pCO2, pO2

Stat Profile Prime® CCS Comp

pH, pCO2, pO2, Hkt, Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, Glu, Lak

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Stat Profile® Prime Blutgasanalysator für den Point-of-Care.


The most important specifications of the Stat Profile Prime® blood gas analyzer.

Sample volume

50µl (ABG), 100 µl (CCS Comp)

Analysis time

approx. 60 seconds

Sample types

Whole blood arterial, venous, capillary


W 30,5 cm x D 36,2 cm x H 39,1 cm

Quality control

fully automatic (selectable internal / external)


Fully automatic calibration




ASTM protocol via serial connection RS232 TCP / IP, POCT01-A2, HL7

Communication protocols

Networking via ASTM, HL7 or POCT01-A2


Nova Biomedical®

Country of production


Measuring ranges

Na+ 80 – 200 mmol/l
K+ 1 – 20 mmol/l
Cl- 50 – 200 mmol/l
Ca++ 0,2 – 2,7 mmol/l
Lak 0,4 – 20 mmol/l
Glu 15 – 500 mg/dl
Hkt 12 – 70%
pH 6,50 – 8,00
pCO2 3,0 – 200 mmHg (0,4 – 26,6 kPa)
pO2 5,0 – 765 mmHg (0,66 – 102,0 kPa)

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