Lactate Plus Lactate meter

Lactate test for professional athletes.

Lactate Plus was developed for athletes in competitive sports and quickly delivers reliable results. The operation has been reduced to the essentials to guarantee an optimal workflow in performance diagnostics. With a sample volume of only 0.7 µL and an analysis time of 13 seconds, this lactate meter is the first choice for many athletes worldwide.

Lactate Plus® Laktatmessgerät für die professionelle Leistungdiagnostik.
Sample volume
0 μl
Analysis time
0 s


Reliable and precise.

The Lactate Plus is manufactured by Nova Biomedical® in the USA. Nova Biomedical® is the market leader in the development and manufacture of clinical lactate analysis devices. No other brand has more lactate measuring devices in use in clinics worldwide. The high manufacturing standards of the laboratory analysis and point-of-care devices also apply to the Lactate Plus.

Less pain.

Lactate measurements performed on other devices are painful and therefore difficult to implement in the routine of a workout. You need from 5 to 25 µl of blood, which can only be removed with the help of a deep and strong lancet that penetrates the skin deep enough. Lactate Plus only needs 0.7µl blood, for this the thinnest, less painful lancet is sufficient!

StatStrip® Teststreifen-Technologie von Nova Biomedical®

StatStrip® - test strip technology

StatStrip® Multi-Well ™ test strips deliver exceptional measurement accuracy.

Additional advantages:

  • Long durability
  • No batch deviation
  • No calibration codes
  • Excellent correlation with laboratory systems

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Lactate Plus Sport meter for competitive athletes from Nova Biomedical®

StatStrip® Xpress Laktat

Sample volume

0.7 µl

Analysis time

13 seconds

Sample types

Whole blood arterial, capillary


H 9.8 cm x W 6.1 cm x D 2.3 cm

Quality control levels



EMC (EN 55022 class B, IEC 801-2, EN 61000-4-3, ENV 50204, EN 61000-4-2)

Memory (internal)

400 (including QC)


Nova Biomedical®

Country of production


Power supply

2x AAA battery

Measuring range

0,3 – 20,0 mmol/L


Strip ejection, color display

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