Stat Profile Prime® ES
electrolyte analyzer

Modern, intuitive and user-friendly electrolyte analyzer.

Stat Profile Prime® ES is an intuitive electrolyte analyzer with which you can measure up to 5 electrolytes in the shortest possible time. This analyzer is characterized by its intuitive user interface and extensive connection options, and is also maintenance-free.

Stat Profile® Prime ES Elektrolyt-Analysegerät.
1 μl
Sample volume
~ 1 s
Analysis time


Fast analysis.

With StatProfile Prime® ES, the measurement results are available very quickly for all sample types (whole blood, serum, plasma). Whole blood samples can be drawn in directly from syringes, capillaries or sample tubes. Decanting is therefore not necessary.

A 10-position sample tray is optionally available.

MicroSensor Card™ of Nova Biomedical®

Always ready.

The sensor card is continuously and automatically calibrated during the 32-day period of use. This means that the device is always available for analyzes and provides a complete electrolyte profile in the shortest possible time. The waste is isolated in the calibrator cassette, which eliminates any risk of users coming into contact with infectious material.

Integrated clot protection.

Clots contained in samples can block the flow path and cause device malfunction. The unique Clot BlockTM system of the Stat Profile Prime ES prevents clots from entering and additional troubleshooting measures are therefore not necessary.

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Depending on the configuration, the Stat Profile Prime® ES electrolyte analyzers offer the right electrolyte panel.

Stat Profile Prime® ES Comp

Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, Mg++

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Stat Profile® Prime ES Elektrolyt-Analysegerät.


The most important specifications of the electrolyte analyzer Stat Profile Prime® ES.

Sample volume

100 µl (ES Comp)

Analysis time

approx. 90 seconds

Sample types

Whole blood, serum, plasma, liquor


W 35.6 cm x D 39.1 cm x H 45.7 cm

Quality control

fully automatic (selectable internal / external)


Fully automatic calibration




ASTM protocol via serial connection RS232 TCP / IP, POCT01-A2, HL7

Communication protocols

Networking via ASTM, HL7 or POCT01-A2


Nova Biomedical®

Country of production


Measuring ranges

Na+ 80 – 200 mmol/l
K+ 1 – 20 mmol/l
Cl- 50 – 200 mmol/l
Ca++ 0,2 – 2,7 mmol/l
Mg++ 0,1 – 1,5 mmol/L

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