StatStrip® Lactate

StatStrip® Lactate

Handheld Point-of-Care Measuring System for whole blood Lactate testing

StatStrip® Lactate combines classic electrochemical methods with modern nanotechnology in a technically advanced, patend, Multi-Well measuring system which provides excellent performance compared to reference methods. StatStrip® Lactate biosensors measure and eliminate common interference's such as acetaminophen, ascorbic acid and uric acid. 

Lactate and Sepsis

StatStrip Lactate small 0,7 µl sample size, fast results in 13 seconds and easy operation make routine screening and serial testing of lactate practical in any departments that treats critically ill patients.

Routine testing of lactate allows for immediate detection of serious illness such as sepsis or septic shock and goal directed therapy to enhance effectiveness.

Easy to use

The StatStrip Lactate singe use biosensors require no calibration or coding. The entire analysis is a simple 3-step operation.

  1. Insert a lactate biosensor into the handheld meter 2
  2. Touch the biosensor to a drop of blood 3
  3. Read results in 13 seconds